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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

“When the Pinault family acquired the historic Eisele Vineyard in the summer of 2013, the family’s three wine estates in France were already practicing Biodynamic farming. All four properties are linked by more than worldwide recognition for being jewels of their respective regions, they are linked by a forward-looking, obsessive quest for perfection. Biodynamic farming is a part of this quest.”

Eisele Vineyard Estate

Vineyard | Winery

2155 Pickett Road
Calistoga, CA 94515, United States
Phone: 707-942-6061
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About Us

Since 1971, some of California's most age worthy and intensely flavored Cabernet Sauvignons have been made from grapes grown at the Eisele Vineyard, located on an alluvial fan near the northern end of the Napa Valley, just east of Calistoga. Protected by the Palisades Mountains to the north and cooled by westerly breezes, this 38-acre vineyard is planted on well-drained cobbly soils that produce a low yielding crop of exceptionally concentrated fruit. Since 1998 we have been committed to farming organically and since 2000 we have employed Biodynamic principles. For vineyard preparations we grow valerian, horsetail, chamomile, stinging nettles, yarrow and willow, and on our surrounding 120 oak woodland acres we raise Scottish Highland cattle and keep bees.

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Cropped: 38 Acres
Total Acreage: 162 Acres