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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

“There's a growing swell of interest in foods grown biodynamically among consumers who view it as organic 2.0 and are seeking out foods grown this way as a healthier, more sustainable choice.”
Specialty Food Magazine “Biodynamics 101” March 2010

Holistic Roasters

Biodynamic | Importer | Organic Beverages | Organic Food Processor and Vendor | Retail/Wholesale

1831 West Oak Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30062, United States
Phone: +1-514-296-0883
Public Contact: Gregory Kalinin

About Us

Holistic Roasters Inc. is a roaster and distributor of direct-trade, specialty coffees from family-run Biodynamic farms and cooperatives. All of Holistic Roasters’ Biodynamic Coffee is grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers and is amongst the cleanest and healthiest coffees available and is packaged using 100% compostable materials. We believe that great coffee comes from healthy soil.

Certified Products

Processed Product

  • Coffee and instant beverages


  • Coffee