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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

“Growing life and beauty to inspire healthy community.”

Suncrest Nurseries

Biodynamic | Medicinal herb farm | Nursery | Retail/Wholesale

400 Casserly Road
Watsonville, CA 95076, United States
Phone: 530 515-6387
Public Contact: Cassie McAleer

About Us

Suncrest Nurseries Inc. is, and has always been, a bonafide agrarian community of generations of families living off the land. Our love for horticulture is deeply rooted in our history. Suncrest blossomed on the same site as the Leonard Coates Nursery, founded nearly 140 years ago. Some of our employees have actually worked here for 50 years, many for 25 plus years, since Suncrest itself began in 1989.

In our quest to grow sustainably, to grow mindfully and to inspire an environmentally-friendly legacy, we introduce – the Eco-Conscious Beauty™. Certified Organic and Demeter Biodynamic®, with more than 100 different varieties of culinary herbs, edibles, medicinals, habitat and native plants.
Truly we are more than a nursery. We grow beauty. Beautiful plants, beautiful communities. Arguably we grow a ridiculous variety of nearly 3,500 diverse varieties of plants - perennials, natives, ferns, vines, bamboos, and now - a new, über-cool line of plants for healthy living. The Eco-Conscious Beauty™.

In keeping with our mission of growing life and beauty to inspire healthy community - we are excited to be one of the first Biodynamic® growers to propagate notable quantities of so many varieties. It is our intent to introduce new industry standards for sustainable, conscious nursery production. We believe that Biodynamic® farming practices create a holistic and integrative approach to organic farming that promotes health and well-being.
Our farm is a dynamic living system, one that is self-sustaining, regenerative and in tune with life and the cycles of nature.

Soil ingredients, the clean sourcing of seeds and plant material, ethical farming methods, the health and well-being of our workers and the environment, the treatment of our animals that help with the grow cycle – All are considered when growing Eco-Conscious Beauty ™ plants.

For more information about our Eco-Conscious Beauty™ plants or to schedule a visit to our Biodynamic® farm please contact
Cassie McAleer (530) 515-6387

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