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“Healing the planet through agriculture”

“You see a magnetic needle. You discern that it always points with one end approximately to the North, and with the other to the South. You think, why is it so? You look for the cause, not in the magnetic needle, but in the whole Earth, inasmuch as you assign to the one end of the Earth the magnetic North Pole, and to the other the magnetic South.”
- Rudolph Steiner

Jack Rabbit Hill, LLC


26567 North Road
Hotchkiss, CO 81419, United States
Phone: 970-361-4249
Public Contact: Anna Hanson

About Us

Jack Rabbit Hill Farm is 70-acre diversified farm near Hotchkiss in western Colorado, and is the home of Jack Rabbit Hill estate wines, Peak Spirits Distillery-makers of CapRock, WineTapistry keg wines for restaurants, and Jack Rabbit Hops for craft brewers.

Certified Products


  • Fruit

  • Grapes for wine
  • Other crops

  • Hops

Processed Product

  • Wine

  • Wine red
  • Wine white


  • Farm Tours
  • Ranch and Vineyard Tours/Wine Tasting


Cropped: 30 Acres
Total Acreage: 71 Acres


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How We Sell Our Products

  • Restaurants
  • Retail | Whole Foods
  • Wholesale